The musical architects of ANTS METROPOLIS 2019.

Anthills are not unchangeable spaces, they don´t maintain the same structure for very long, they evolve, transform, and grow to adapt to the needs of the colony. This 2019 season marks the seventh anniversary of the world's most famous ant colony with a new aesthetic marking an evolutionary leap in the clubbing concept. ANTS Metropolis is born! 

After years marked by references towards the animal kingdom, technological progress and the industrial aesthetic will make way during the 2019 season. Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel will stop being a Garden of Eden to become a frenetic and cosmopolitan underground city. When? From the 1st of June till the 28th of September. The tickets are already on sale! 

To handle a change of this magnitude, ANTS Metropolis relies on its talented army, members of the colony will take care of transforming every detail of the event. One of the most important aspects will be the new musical adaptation, with a team of top-level musical architects, among whom are regulars of the ANTS Ibiza family and established artists who will make their debut in the booth of the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel.

The classics of the ANTS Ibiza family

Andrea Oliva has earned himself a special place in the heart of the ANTS Ibiza family. Since his arrival, the growth of his career and that of the event itself have taken place in parallel. This connection has been evident in each of his performances, creating an atmosphere overflowing with positivity and tremendously contagious. Without a doubt, he will be one of the people responsible for the creation of the soundtrack of ANTS Metropolis and knowing Andrea we are sure that he will make our jaws drop. 

Experience the sound of Andrea Oliva

There are artists who, without knowing it, are destined to be a part of the DNA of an event and go down in history with it. Even before the creation of ANTS, Francisco Allendes cooked up a style that fits like a glove into the concept of the future brand. That's why it's not too bold to say that Allendes was one of the founding architects of the ANTS sound. His contribution to ANTS Metropolis is beyond doubt and will show us the amazing metamorphosis capacity of this Chilean DJ.

Experience the sound of Francisco Allendes

Style, sophistication, criteria... are some of the terms with which we can define Kölsch, one of those artists who always gives more, adding that little something extra to the programming of an event. Since his arrival in the colony, his musical proposal has enriched the show, and as part of the ANTS Metropolis concept, we are sure that it will take him to a higher level.

Experience the sound of Kölsch

If ever there was an artist who could not miss being a part of the conception and birth of the ANTS Metropolis musical line, it is Joris Voorn. As well as being a regular member of the event's lineups and an artist who knows the audience and context of Ushuaïa Ibiza perfectly, this is a DJ who takes care of the details, the essentials, and the structure. Who better to design a new, revolutionary sound for this summer!

Experience the sound of Joris Voorn

Davide Squillace, another regular artist from the ANTS Ibiza colony, left us unquestionable samples of his talent and a fresh sound with Italian roots during last year´s season. In his essence resides his native Siena, although over the years he has been able to incorporate all kinds of influences and experiences. Davide is also a full member of the Better Lost Than Stupid trio, along with Matthias Tanzmann and Martin Buttrich, a project that has spread like wildfire since its creation and that travels around the world with its peculiar interpretation of the techno sound. We look forward to seeing him perform at ANTS Metropolis this summer on stage at Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel!

Experience the sound of Davide Squillace

First-rate news in ANTS Metropolis

A leading figure in the underground movement, a living legend in the techno style and a master at generating energy from the mixing board, Loco Dice is one of the new bets for this season. The ant colony is reinvented with its premiere in ANTS Metropolis, so take note because in a few months it will revolutionize the whole island of Ibiza. 


Experience the sound of Loco Dice

If electronic music has achieved this level of popularity, this status, this passion that is demonstrated every summer in Ibiza, it is thanks to pioneers like Erick Morillo, who started a movement and transformed it into the global phenomenon that it is today. That's why Erick's presence on ANTS Ibiza for the first time is great news. The maestro will make his contribution to the construction of the metropolis in Ushuaïa Ibiza.

Experience the sound of Erick Morillo

One of the artists who most caught our attention in 2018 was FISHER. His song "Losing It" conquered the dancefloors of the world and led him straight to a Grammy nomination. This movement has not gone unnoticed by the Ibizan scene, and we will see FISHER in Hï Ibiza as a resident with Solardo and CamelPhat in BODYWORKS. In addition to starring in his first residence on the island, he will pass through the booth of ANTS Metropolis to give us his interpretation of the new concept.

Experience the sound of FISHER

Attention! A new queen visits the colony and it's not just any queen, The Black Madonna has what it takes to become the new regent of the anthill: the attitude, commitment, strength and overflowing energy she offers in each set will enthrall clubbers from all over the world as soon as they hear her sounds. Her participation in ANTS Metropolis is the icing on the cake of the season's most awaited lineup, as she's an expert at exalting the masses and turning a simple event into an intense and overwhelming experience.

Experience the sound of The Black Madonna

But this is a tiny representation of the artists who are going to design the sound of ANTS Metropolis! An army of DJs will leave their mark each Saturday, from June 1st to September 28th on the stage of the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel.

Forget what you've learned so far... Buy your ticket and participate in the industrialization of the world's most famous ant colony!

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