Hï Ibiza will witness the metamorphosis of David Guetta into Jack Back.

We've been waiting for you... David Guetta is here to play, again, a leading role in the 2019 Ibizan season, consolidating his relationship with the island and its public, year after year. The chemistry is undeniable, the love that David professes for the island, the faithful response of the clubbers to his music and shows, nobody can deny the connection Ibiza has with David Guetta.

But this summer will be more special than the previous ones for Guetta, because it lands in the famous club, Hï Ibiza, with a renewed proposal and with the perspective of continuing its successful trajectory on the white island. For this, he will continue with his most successful brand, F *** Me I'm Famous in 'Theater' (room 1), and a big surprise in 'Club' (room 2), where he will give free rein to his alter ego Jack Back together with the film star Idris Elba. So, we'll have a double ration of Guetta every Friday from June 14th to October 4th, 2019. Don't wait any longer and buy your tickets at Hï Ibiza.

Guetta himself talks about the 2019 season in Ibiza and about Jack Back: "I'm very excited to launch my new Jack Back concept in Hï Ibiza this summer. I can't wait to go back to my roots showing the best of underground electronic music. It's going to be crazy and I can't wait to party with all of you!”

But... who's Jack Back?

It is very common for DJs to use pseudonyms to approach musical styles that are far removed from the one that has marked their careers. Names have become so important that they have merged with styles. And when looking for other sounds, the change of name is essential! David Guetta is no different and, despite being a world-renowned music icon, he still has the soul of a DJ and at no point in time has he lost interest in his roots.

Unlike the young titans who reign in today's EDM scene, David Guetta went through all the phases of the DJ life. Before electronic music suffered its great global explosion, Guetta toured small clubs in Paris where the word "underground" was not a label.

Today we remember those marathon sessions in which house and techno reigned supreme, and in which a very young David Guetta felt right at home. After his arrival in Ibiza and the creation of F *** Me I'm Famous, everything changed and out of the blue created a new sound that captivated everyone and placed EDM at the top of the music industry.

One of the great blunders of an artist is to forget where he comes from, to fall in the fame trap and forget where he/she came from. David Guetta didn't want to make that mistake and so he created Jack Back, an alter ego that would allow him to return to his first musical love.

In addition to being the alias of a new persona, Jack Back is the name of the label he founded with Nicky Romero in 2012. It's a place where he can give free rein to his underground spirit and where young DJs can express their passion for music and showcase their talent. And this summer he'll be in Hï Ibiza!

Jack Back, will be on the second album of "7”

The release of the album "7" by David Guetta this winter was a boost for the figure of Jack Back. "7" is the last creation of the artist, where he shows without restraint the different facets of his work as DJ. And it is also a double LP in which Jack Back is the main character of the second album, with twelve tracks specifically designed for clubs.

And the result couldn't have been better received, as great names from the underground movement have highlighted the quality of the sound and the energy transmitted by Guetta's alter ego. On March 28th during the Winter Music Conference in Miami, a small documentary called 'The Road To Jack Back' was released, in which David Guetta relates in first person his beginnings in the electronic music industry.

Discover the most underground version of Guetta in this documentary

If you want to enjoy David Guetta in a way you've never seen him before, this will be one of those occasions that you mustn´t let pass by. On the 7th of June he starts his residence in Hï Ibiza with F *** Me I'm Famous, and until the 4th of October, you can find the purest facet of Guetta every Friday in the Ibizan club.

And if you want more Guetta musical magic, remember that BIG by David Guetta will also be back on June 10th and will be at the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel every Friday until September 30th.


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