Hï Ibiza is proclaimed the best nightclub in the world in 2019.

The island of Ibiza has reason to celebrate, in just a few years it has become the number one destination in the world for quality nightlife. Without a doubt, Ibiza is today the paradise par excellence for lovers of electronic music. Would you like to visit it? The best outdoor club in the world, Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, is waiting for you to celebrate at the opening event in 2020!

Ibiza, quality nightlife

The most demanding clubbers choose Spain, with Ibiza at the forefront, as the world's favourite destination for quality nightlife. A fact that was demonstrated after publishing the prestigious list "The World's Best Clubs 2019" during the Golden Moon Awards gala, last 13th of November in Bogota (Colombia). And to which Spain contributed 22 venues for consideration, ahead of the 21 contributed by the United States and followed by Italy with 4.


The best are not born by chance, for that reason, the temple of the Ibizan night, Hï Ibiza, took the Golden Moon Award for the "The World's Best Club", coming in second was Cavalli Club Dubai and third the legendary Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel.

Among the top 10 in the ranking, 4 are from Ibiza, so if your veins run with clubber blood there are no excuses not to visit the White Isle next summer.

The news of the win didn´t shock many. Much less the usual Ibizan nightlife attendees, who after living a successful 2019 season anxiously await for the temple of the night of Ibiza to open its doors next May 9, 2020.

A recognition that comes to the island endorsed by the International Nightlife Association, and repeats for the second consecutive year, declaring Hï Ibiza as the best club in the world.

Ibiza's leading role in the global nightlife gala did not end here, the Golden Moon Award for the Best Nightlife Executive - was won by Yann Pissenem, founder and CEO of The Night League who run the Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel clubs.

Join the party and come celebrate next season's most exclusive event! The Opening and Closing of Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa Ibiza.

Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel at the top of the list of the 100 World's Best Clubs 2019.

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