DJ Fisher, from surfer to DJ in Ibiza.

Australian Paul Nicholas Fisher is quite unusual, to say the least, in the world of EDM, with a background as a professional surfer, this Ibiza DJ is not your normal artist. FISHER just wants everybody to have a great time. It doesn´t get more Ibiza than that. With a Midas touch, FISHER is creating hit after hit, conducting one amazing party after another, never losing a that big smile we´ve become accustomed to. 

Taking advantage of his residency in Hï Ibiza, we stopped by for a chat.

Fisher, celebrating his debut with his residency in Hï Ibiza on the 25th June 2019. 

FISHER, the chill Ibiza DJ with the best sets

Q- It’s only been two years since your single debut ‘Ya Kidding’ seems far away if we look at your evolution. What do you see when you look back on your DJ career?

A- A GOOD TIME!!!!!!

Q- Your happy attitude seems to be one of the keys of your success. Do people need enthusiasm on the dancefloor?

A- Well there’s nothing not to be smiling and happy about, life is as good as it gets, and when I play music I’m in my happy place!!!! It’s all about the vibe and making the people have the best time ever. I love watching their faces smiling and dancing

their a**** off - that’s what it’s all about for me. I want them leaving my gigs with a smile on their dial, wanting more!!!

Q- You first started your career in surfing and now in music, were you always into electronic music from an early age and on the surfing tour?

A- Yes I have always loved electronic music from a young age. When I used to compete as a pro surfer, house music would be thumping in my ears before competing in the water. My mum is a massive house head and has always played it in our home

for as long as I can remember. She loves to boogie and growing up she used to whack that s*** on and we would all get up and start cranking the dance moves - it was good times hahah.

Q- Your track “Losing it” has been nominated for Best Dance Recording at this year’s Grammy Awards. What did this nomination mean to you?

A- Well it would have been nice to win the c*** hahaha!!!! Nah it was amazing mate. I remember the morning. I was woken up by my manager who said I had been nominated for a Grammy. I didn’t believe him so he said check ya emails, and there it was staring straight at me like a ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. I got up out of bed and danced around the room in my undies screaming out off the balcony FUCK YEH WE’RE GOING TO THE GRAMMYS BABY! It was EPIC - I got all of my gang together that day and we just got p***** and celebrated. A day I’ll never forget!!!!

Q- You join BODYWORKS with CamelPhat and Solardo in a new residence in Hï Ibiza. What does it mean for you?

A- EVERYTHING, IT’S A DREAM COME TRUE!!! I came to Ibiza 11 years ago and I’ll never forget it...watching Carl Cox at Space blew my head off. I remember seeing Luciano playing at Amnesia on the terrace and I was like “what the f** is going on here?” - the whole joint was in a frenzy!!! All those guys that I saw back then, like Loco Dice, Sven, Ricardo, were all fucking awesome. I remember leaving and imagining controlling a room like that and getting paid to f***ing do it!!!! GIDDY UP I say -that’s when I started really wanting to get amongst it!!!

Q- What do you admire about your lineup mates?

A- The Solardo boys and CamelPhat lads are f***ing epic!!!! We all get along and each one of them has a different personality which is f***ing funny to be around. I think James (Solardo) is a couple biscuits short of a good picnic god bless him . hahahaha... I tell you one thing though, he’s the only one that I can understand - when I have few beers with those f***ers the Scouser accent is next level, they may as well speak to me in Bulgarian!!! Hahah nah but I love working with all those lads, there is no ego, it’s all fun and at the end of the day we just want everyone to enjoy our partys... 

Bodyworkds live on July 23rd, 2019.

DJ-ing in Ibiza, a dream come true

Q- We heard that this has always been a goal of yours to have a residency on the island, what were you thinking when you found out it was confirmed?

A- HOLY S*** IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN MY MAN !!!!! I remember saying to Leslee who runs Hï Ibiza a year before this happened, “when are ya gonna let me play here?” and she said “hold ya f***ing horses” hahahah and now here we are. It’s a  dream come true and I f***ing love it!!!!! 

Camelphat, epic roster partners at Bodyworks.

Q- What makes BODYWORKS Different than any other night on the Island? 

A- MATE!!! We have the best dunnies on the island !!!! What other club has a f***ing DJ in the toilets cranking the shit out of it!!!! LITERALLY!!!! Hahahah the vibe in there is unreal, so with that alone we are already WINNING!!!! It's just a f***ing party - both rooms are proper pumping, the production is next level and it is the number 1 club in the world so that's why the whole club is a sick experience!!! Just bring ya dancing shoes and get grooving.

BODYWORKS promises an unforgettable musical journey.

Q- Give us your dream line up or person you would love to play with?

A- Luciano would be fun to play with, Carl Cox as well. They just look like they are always having fun and that’s what it’s all about for me - they are who I looked up to!!! Also, Loco Dice and Jamie Jones would be naughty, f***ing love those two!!! F*** it, I would even like to go with Nina Kravitz for s***s and giggles, she gets it thumping!!!!!

Q- What bands and DJs have influenced you musically?

A- There are too many to mention. When I heard Jamie Jones’ album on Crosstown Rebels ‘Don’t You Remember The Future’ I was like “what is going on here?” - it was a whole new sound and I thought it was epic. He changed the game for me, but Guy Gerber is up there as one of my favourites too. Every time I see him play he blows my mind, I love watching him do his thing !!!! Patrick Topping definitely was an influence on me,

especially when I heard ‘Forget’, it was such a tune!! Also, I have to say Latmun’s tune ‘Def’ really lit a fire under my a** as to where I wanted my sound to go.

Q- What do you expect from your summer in Ibiza?

A- Lots of hangovers, late nights, beach hangs, talking shit and listening to good tunes and enjoying this island’s vibe!!!!!

The mad vibe of the number 1 club in the world, Hï Ibiza.

A residency in 2019 that promised an unforgettable musical journey that fully delivered, and did so by bringing together three underground giants, CamelPhat, Solardo and FISHER. A unique opportunity to get lost in the music, from sundown to sunrise.

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