The emotional tribute concert for Avicii.

A wave of sadness overtook the clubbing scene during the month of April in 2018. A time when reality hit the EDM world in a heartbreaking way. It all started in Oman, when the 28-year-old Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii, was found dead in his hotel room, while the artist was on vacation. The news took the music world by storm, at first hard to believe, many were hoping for misinformation, from fans to colleagues, the electronic music world was shaken by the incredibly sad news. With his whole life ahead of him, an incredible career and a one-in-a-generation level of talent, Tim Bergling didn´t have what he needed most. Battling depression and being submitted to the incredible pressure of touring and making hit after hit, Tim lacked the peace of mind and rest needed for an artist of his stature. The death of Avicii ended an electronic music era, and with it brought the spotlight on a global epidemic, mental health.

After the mourning period, his family decided to get involved in the fight for mental health by creating the Tim Bergling Foundation. An initiative to help with suicide prevention and awareness of the mental health perils that are often overlooked. Thus, the tribute concert for Avicii, Tribute Concert for Mental Health Awareness, was held at the Friends Arena in Stockholm on the 5th of December. All proceeds have gone to non-profit organizations that Tim supported in the past that relate to climate change, global hunger preservation of endangered species and more.


More than 60,000 people packed the Friends Arena on December 2018 to pay tribute to the Swedish artist and DJ, Avicii, in an exciting concert that brought together all his fans, family and friends.

The show started with the legendary song “Without You” sung by Swedish artist Sandro Cavazzo. One of the most anticipated performances was that of British singer Rita Ora, singing the famous track “Lonely Together”, by far one of the most emotional moments during the concert. After the performance, Rita Ora took to Instagram to show her support for mental health issues: “I want to thank @avicii’s family for organising this to raise awareness for mental health especially within the music industry. Often success can be seen as a representation that someone is also doing well mentally, however  we can see here that there is sooo much more work to be done.”

Joining the event on stage with various performances were also Adam Lambert, Michelle Gonzales, Agnes Carlsson, Kygo and Dimitri Vegas. Another much-awaited performance was from Aloe Blacc, singing the smash hit “Wake Me Up” and the posthumously released song “SOS”, a song that addresses Avicii´s state and mental health during the last year of his life. After his performance, he declared: "Every generation has its icon and heroes who break convention to capture hearts and minds. Our friend Tim Bergling was one of those bright, shining stars. Through his music, he shared his joy, his pain and his passion, and I witnessed his brilliance first hand. I trusted him and I believed in his artistic vision, and in a short time I would see the tremendous impact our collaboration would have on the world. It changed my life forever. Thank you, Tim."

Soon it was time for a performance from one of the greatest DJs in the world, David Guetta. Guetta said that Avicii's death had made him prioritize his own mental well-being, reducing his commitments and restricting them to no more than 100 shows per year.

The concert ended with the hit that put him on the map, “Levels”, accompanied by a firework show. A sad farewell to the life and artistry of one of this generation´s most beloved artists.

Proceeds from the tribute concert will go to various mental health and suicide prevention non-profit organizations. In a statement offered by Avicii´s father, Klas Bergling, the patriarch said the family wanted the concert to put “the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide” on the current political agenda. He added: "Policies and tools are needed to detect the risks and prevent suicide, especially among young people. We are grateful that his friends, artists and musicians with whom he worked during his career have come to Stockholm to help us realize this tribute concert."


In Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel we feel proud and very lucky to have had the privilege of sharing unforgettable musical moments with Avicii. Fans from all over the world got to experience the Swedish DJ´s show in Ushuaïa Ibiza in the summer of 2016. An experience that was re-lived by the attendees of the tribute concert held on the 5th of December 2019 in Stockholm in a historic night for electronic music.

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