Xuan Lan's yoga brings wellness to Ibiza.

Xuan Lan, the Wellness influencer with a French accent and of Vietnamese origin, has become an online yoga celebrity. Her digital yoga platform has hundreds of thousands of followers, as well as her Youtube channel. And as wellness is one of the defining elements of Ibiza´s environment, we relied on her to close Ibiza Well Week, last month in May, with a yoga masterclass in Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel.

Taking advantage of her visit to the Balearic Islands, we asked her some questions about the importance of feeling good and practicing yoga. Focusing on wellness, is a part of Ibiza, a part of the island´s soul.

You have come to Ibiza Well Week. What do these days entail?

This week is a mix of various events and conventions about well-being and health, a health tourism conference, and a symposium on yoga, meditation, and well-being with workshops and talks from international experts. I think it is a really complete event, both for the professionals from the sector and the large audience that wants to know more about these disciplines. It is a way to bring the disciplines, professions, businesses, and sectors related to wellness together, in order to drive quality tourism on the island. I´m really excited to collaborate with Well Week and to offer a free masterclass at the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel as the closing event.

Do you think the island is becoming a wellness center around the world?

The island is the perfect place to escape our routines, to rest and to recover our natural balance, next to the sea or the mountain. When it´s not summertime, Ibiza offers a calm, quality lifestyle that is essential to balancing our daily hustle and bustle with a wide variety of places, services, sports, rest and quality relaxation. There have long been many places that offered yoga in Ibiza and it has all of the ingredients to become a wellness destination. The people just need to know that. Ibiza has got it all!

Ibiza Well Week

Ibiza hosted the International Health and Wellness Medicine Tourism Week from the 1st to the 4th of May, Ibiza Well Week. This event has encompassed the first European Convention of Health and Beauty Tourism and the International Symposium on Health and Wellness. Experts in aesthetic medicine, dentistry, fitness, yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition have participated. This event puts Ibiza on the map as an international reference center of wellness. 

Wellness to Ibiza is like air to the lungs. A healthy lifestyle is practiced naturally by all its inhabitants and visitors. Spirituality, healthy eating, calm rhythms and balance in everything that matters, are the most characteristic recipe of the White Isle!

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