Experience spiritual rebirth with Buddha postures in Ushuaïa Ibiza.

Achieving a balance between body and mind is not an easy task. To achieve this, it is often necessary to resort to relaxation techniques that help free you from accumulated stress and anxiety. Finding the perfect place to connect with your inner self is just as important as achieving it.

We propose you experiment and explore, discover the Ushuaia Ibiza spirit within and let it accompany you to the clubber´s paradise that is the White Isle. Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel is the perfect place to connect, body and soul.

The environment is everything, in order to find peace, but there´s more… The great Buddha´s teachings and postures are here to help you channel your energy before and after each event. Want to learn the guidance of meditation and relive The Ushuaïa Experience like it was the first time?

The Buddha Postures

The lotus posture is the best yoga posture for meditation, but there are other variations that are easier on the human body and help you connect with your inner self. Want to learn more? We´re here to help.

POSTURE 1. Laying down

If you suffer from bone or joint problems, this posture will allow your body to practice continuously and does not demand too much rigour from the joints. Fighting against sleep and tiredness will be our greatest challenge, as well as maintaining a high capacity for concentration. The beaches of Ibiza at sunset can become the ideal place for practising it.

POSTURE 2. Kissing the earth with your feet

Feel the power of Ibizan lands under your feet. Meditate standing up, shoulders loosened, back relaxed and straight. Ground yourself, reach for the energy of the Earth.

POSTURE 3. The Nirvana seated

For certain people with spinal problems or lack of flexibility, meditating sitting down is a whole universe of serenity. Try and sit on the edge of a chair and put all your weight on your Ischial bones, aka the bones of the pelvis. Rest your hands on your thighs and relax. Focus on your breath and sync your thoughts to the flow it creates. 

POSTURE 4. Lotus with a trick

With the use of a yoga block, rest your Ischial bones on the block and a folded blanket, without resting your thighs on the blanket or the floor. Direct your knees downwards toward the mat. Concentrate on keeping your back straight, notice the verticality of the spine, focus on it, focus on the breathing. This is one of the most comfortable meditation postures for beginners and continued practice.

POSTURE 5. Seated hero pose

The hero position (virasana) starts with sitting on your knees on the yoga mat, back straight. Bring your legs together until your knees touch. Keep your back straight and stretch your head forward and place your hands on the back of the knees. Keep your feet separated and the hips lowered while focusing on your breathing and relax, connect to the cosmos around you. If you experience any pain in your arches, use a rolled-up blanket to make it more comfortable.

The island of Ibiza is the perfect place to practice meditation and try some Buddha postures, the sun, sea and idyllic environment of the island, with places such as Es Vedrà and Atlantis, serving as the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Take advantage of the magic of Es Vedrá in your yoga session.

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