Minami Japanese Restaurant Ibiza, the best sushi of Ibiza.

Bamboo, water mirrors, soft lighting and touches of modern Japanese art surround an incredible interior with contemporary and oriental art features. A relaxing Zen atmosphere, featuring culinary creativity with traditional foundations in Japanese preparation and products. There is no question that a menu that merges Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines is the ideal companion for any of the events that we hold at Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Club.

Ismael Fernández , chef at Minami Japanese Restaurant Ibiza, tells us that the guests often interact with the chefs, bar staff and waiters, which creates a fun and lively atmosphere. ‘Minami Ibiza offers fresh, top-quality products and pairs perfectly with any of the parties at Ushuaïa, although people often come for the food alone.’

Minami Japanese Restaurant Ibiza is laid out in four clearly defined areas.

There are three areas where you will be able to watch your chef cook one of the following dishes right in front of you:

- Sushi bar.

- Barbecued brochettes.

- Teppanyaki.

The fourth area, Minami Ibiza’s interior kitchen, where delicious hot and cold dishes are prepared, is tucked out of sight.

Ismael also explains how they work with the best suppliers so they can offer fresh products of the highest quality. Because of its colours, textures and flavours, the sushi served at Minami Japanese Restaurant Ibiza is the best you can find on the island. The restaurant mainly features Japanese and other Asian products as well as local products from Ibiza. In addition, the dishes are carefully presented, each plate with an extraordinary design; your friends will be green with envy. Something that our guests love is the show that the chefs of Minami Ibiza put on while cooking, specially in the Teppanyaki area.

Many of our clients visit the restaurant while experiencing the Club, so before or after seeing some of the best DJs in the world, such as David Guetta or Martin Garrix, they get to taste some of our incredible Japanese dishes or try one of our show-stopping cocktails.

There is always something new at Minami: we have a weekly suggestions menu where the team create avant-garde versions of traditional dishes. Clients have the chance of trying truly unique dishes, and those that go down well become part of Minami Japanese Restaurant Ibiza’s regular menu.

Ismael Fernández declares that the tuna belly will be the star of the show: ‘it has a unique flavour, both in sushi and teppanyaki, it is the fattiest cut of tuna, so to ensure its quality we have made agreements with several of the best suppliers to guarantee access to an excellent product.’

We also speak to Pepe, the barman at Minami Japanese Restaurant Ibiza, who highlights cocktails with many exclusively Japanese ingredients, as well as a Sake menu with different alcohol levels, textures and even flavours, which can be chosen as the perfect pairing for each dish. All in all, a unique experience with the perfect combination.

This summer, the whole Minami Japanese Restaurant Ibiza team has prepared an amazing season and wishes to prove itself once more in the Japanese cuisine scene. To achieve this they will do everything in their power to make every night at Minami Ibiza a night to remember!

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