Looking for an Italian restaurant… it’s got to be Sir Rocco!

Italian food is one of the most popular gastronomies in the world. Dishes like spaghetti, pizza or lasagne can be found practically everywhere on the globe and form a staple part of the regular diet of most of the earth’s inhabitants, no matter what their culture! If you’re looking for an Italian restaurant in Ibiza, where you can let yourself be transported by the finest tastes of Italy to be found, take note: Sir Rocco Beach Restaurant by Ushuaïa.

What is the origin of Italian food? There are many theories: when it comes to pizza -one of the star dishes- many agree that it all started with the advent of bread. There is data indicating that in ancient Greece it was used in ways similar to pizza, although history points to Naples as the Italian city where the famous round flatbread was ultimately born. Since then, there have been all sorts of variations and similar creations, such as panne pizza, pizzotelle, calzone, focaccia, piadina… And, when it comes to traditional pizza, the list of accompaniments is endless, just like the number of Italian restaurants dotted all across the world! But, if we had to pick just one, it would be the Margherita: thin pizza dough base with tomato, basil, and mozzarella cheese. Simple and scrumptious at any time of the day!  

Other typical Italian dishes include spaghetti -the perfect choice for the kiddos! This pasta dish was originally made with durum wheat flour and water. Its first ever cited reference in the Italian food industry was from the Kingdom of Sicily, although other references cite the famous figure of Marco Polo who, on one of his expeditions around the world, discovered the well-known Chinese noodle and imported the format from Asia to Europe. Nowadays, there’s not a restaurant menu to be found that doesn’t include spaghetti with tomato sauce on the kids’ menu -and there’s not a kid in the world who doesn’t love getting messy with spaghetti!

What can you find in Sir Rocco Beach Restaurant by Ushuaïa? Passion for Italy in every sense – the best pasta al dente and an endless array of details that will make you feel like you’re right there in Sicily, Tuscany or Naples. You’ll want to try their delicious focaccia and the carpaccio for starters; and if you like fresh truffle, you’re going to love their risotto. Our picks from the meat and fish menu would be the sole or the Milanese (a Milan-style breaded chop). You can delight in all of this right beside the beach, in exclusive surroundings and our impeccable Ushuaïa Ibiza style. Take your senses to the limit and try it!

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