Espardenyes: tradition and natural fabrics, key elements of the Ibizan style.

If you are a lover of Ibizan style, or you´re simply one of the savvy trend hunters, always being at the forefront of what´s new in design and style, surely you have had, and still, have in your wardrobe some espadrilles. Its identity is 100% Spanish but has its origin in the eastern Mediterranean, Valencia and Catalonia, and of course in the Balearic Islands. They were the footwear of farmers when they went to work in the fields, and also form part of the costumes in the current regional dances, precisely because these dances recall the rural past of these lands. Even today, you can still see octogenarians who continue to go to the countryside every day with their 'espardenyes'!

The espadrilles, which are deeply rooted in Ibizan style and which can now be found in practically every market on the island, are made of timeless materials such as canvas fabrics and esparto grass texture. They are used especially in the summer when temperatures rise and are preferred by both men and women. However, the tradition and comfort of this footwear have been steeped in innovation and design, giving rise to exclusive creations of unbeatable quality. What colour is yours? Do they have a platform? Do they combine canvas with other fabrics and materials? The answers could be endless, especially in Ibizan style!

Estrivancus, espadrilles with a woman's name

María Morcillo spends her days with Vicenta, Margarita or Catalina. ¨My new collection of espardenyes bears the most typical names of Ibizan women¨, says the designer who, three years ago, dared to reinvent the traditional footwear of the Pitiusas. From her inventiveness came Estrivancus, a brand baptized with the name that Ibizans used to refer to old shoes. María makes them by hand and with all-natural products, like the pigments that give color to her sandals. In the past, these were made exclusively of straw (replaced now with pitra or agave, both easier on the skin).

Espardenyes Estrivancus.

The Estrivancus have traveled far from the island. Tamara Falcó has a pair in her closet. They have also appeared in such publications as Vogue. Rae Boxer, the fashion director of Mastermind Magazine, has become a faithful follower of them as well. After walking down the aisle at her Ibizan wedding in a pair, she is helping this small business grow, taking Ibizan style to all the corners of the world.

Espardenyes Estrivancus.

The perfect fixation, with Espardenyes Torres

Espardenyes Torres is another example that explains how these espadrilles have become the perfect addition to a summer, rule-breaking outfit. ”Our grandmothers took them off when they wore short dresses and they eliminated underskirts too. Now, they´re modern!”, says artisan Isabel Prats.

Espardenyes Torres.

Her granddaughter Patricia Monjo and she decided to convert their hobby into a profession when the Consell de Ibiza took Isabel to participate in the fashion fair Who´s Next in Paris. She came back with orders in her notebook. These artisans have developed a comfortable, elegant line of sandals that follow in the footsteps of new trends: from wedges to organic decorations, all without losing their essence. This combination of tradition and boldness has us hooked: if you travel to Santiago Chile or Seoul, pay attention to the shoe shops´ display windows because you may stumble upon a pair of Espardenyes Torres.

Espardenyes Torres.

A timeless tradition of Ibizan style

Years, decades and even centuries have passed, and generation after generation espadrilles are still seen as the footwear of everyday wear and ageless in its design. Like fine wine, espadrilles become more appreciated and more loved as time goes on. New designs, new prints, new materials, and countless colors and combinations make espardenyes one of the most famous elements of Ibizan style. Do you already have yours for this season? Live The Ushuaïa Experience this summer and get ready to wear the most Ibizan look on the dance floor and on the beach!

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