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A truckful of plastic waste is dumped into the sea every minute, and it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. Meanwhile, we continue to consume and dress unsustainably. How can we help the environment as individuals?

One of the seven limits that Palladium Hotel Group applies to all its hotels and its general business philosophy is to "only grow sustainably". And Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel offers its clients the possibility of discovering the island in one of its Smart Ushuaïa Limited Edition, a sustainable electric car.

There are many pathways to show more respect towards our oceans and the environment that surrounds us. For example, wearing sustainable trainers, made with recycled materials.

Who would have told Marty McFly that those Nike MAG that he wore in Back to the future would be so technological, so well-developed, and so virtuous that they would be made entirely out of rubbish. There were already sustainable trainers in the eighties!

Adidas chooses sustainable trainers

For the industry, plastic waste, ocean rubbish or urban debris like chewing gum are becoming raw materials to make a new series of trainers that promote style, technology, and environmental awareness.

Sportswear giant Adidas has been a forerunner with its Alphabounce+ Parley, the top of which is made with recycled plastic waste to help save the oceans. In fact, the brand has launched a whole collection in collaboration with Parley, an environmental organization committed to the oceans.

The garments in this Adidas x Parley collection are made from 75% recycled plastic waste, as well as using less water and energy during production. It has been so successful that the brand has followed it with the launch of Futurecraft.LOOP, with even a second run.

Recycling trainers to reduce waste

These are the first trainers made with 100% recyclable materials and a statement of intent that aims to reinvent footwear manufacturing. Adidas even aims for its polyurethane laces to be repurposed, establishing an infinite trainer production and recycling sequence that produces zero waste. Still in beta phase, production of these new sustainable trainers will be in full force in 2021, and they will be launched on the market in spring.

Until then, a select group of 200 global influencers are the only ones that get to enjoy them, for now.

VIA trainers, light and futuristic

Another brand of sustainable trainers that is already on the market is VIA. Launched on Kickstarter, they are not only stylish and futuristic, but are also made of plastic waste, rubbish that is threatening humanity and the planet. Each pair uses up to 30 grams of ocean plastic.

As well as its nod to the environment, the technical complexity of its fabrics is also noteworthy. A fully waterproof techno-membrane that allows feet to breathe turns these trainers into light futuristic footwear, suitable for almost everything. These trainers are available online for around €80.

GumShoe, made with chewing gum from Amsterdam

Dutch trainers GumShoe boast being made of the 1.5 million kilograms of chewing gum cleaned off the streets of Amsterdam per year. Designed in collaboration with Iamsterdam, designer Explicit Wear and sustainability business Gumdrop, GumShoes are a creative way of raising positive awareness about the city's lack of cleanliness. Each kilogram of chewing gum makes the soles of four pairs of trainers.

Vegan trainers

Reebok has also launched a sustainable product: Cotton and Corn, its first vegan trainers, made of organic cotton with corn soles. Footwear that will decompose without leaving a trace.

The Plant Shoe by Native Shoes are similar trainers made from plant-based fibres including pineapple, linen, eucalyptus, cotton and kenaf (an African linen species), that decompose naturally.

Technology for your feet

Technology also seems to seep into sports footwear. Puma has made a futuristic icon out of its Fi self-lacing shoes; connected to your phone, tighten your laces hands-free. They have a similar design to the Nike Air Mag, which were launched as a limited edition on eBay and whose new model has taken the form of the powerful HyperAdapt BB, also with smart laces.

Lastly, Under Armour’s HOVR Infinite are the embodiment of technology, with a digital tracker that registers, analyses, and stores the user's running metrics.

The main sport footwear brands already offer sustainable trainer collections. There are dozens of models on the market today. So, remember: the future of footwear is sustainable, recyclable and includes digital chips. Contribute to sustainability... in style!

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