For those who still don’t know where Ibiza’s at…

Locating Ibiza on the map may be more or less easy, depending on where you’re from and your knowledge of geography. Most Europeans have a pretty clear idea of Ibiza’s whereabouts: an island in the Mediterranean, off the East coast of Spain, which forms part of a group of islands including Mallorca and Formentera. But let’s get more specific… Where exactly is Ibiza?

Ibiza is 80 kilometres from Valencia and is the third largest of the Balearic Isles, one of Spain’s autonomous communities. Its capital is Eivissa, more commonly known as Vila, and it is also home to other towns including Santa Eulària des Riu, Sant Antoni de Portmany  and Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, as well as a handful of villages, such as Santa Agnés de Sa Corona, Santa Gertudris, Sant Jordi, Sant Miquel, Sant Rafel and Sant Mateu, among others. All of the towns and villages have saints' names because the people made their settlements around the churches in the late 18th Century.

The history of recent centuries can also shed some light on where Ibiza is now. The Carthaginians knew her as Ibossim back in 654 BC and five centuries later the Romans called her Ebusus. Then came the Byzantines, the Vandals and the Arabs, who called her Yebisah. The island was later invaded by the Aragonese, not to mention the several pirate attacks that the natives had to suffer through, also.  And, of course, all of these invaders were looking for the same thing: to take advantage of the island’s strategic location to open up routes across the Mediterranean and trade with her most valuable commodity -her white gold- the salt of Ibiza. Hence, the profession of salt harvester is one of the oldest hallmarks of the island’s culture. Coupled with the many towers dotted along its coast, as well as the city walls of the old town (Dalt Vila), these are all striking elements conserved from those attacks,  and invasions of centuries past. 

The cradle of electronic music

To really see where Ibiza’s at, though, we’ve got to look further than its history and geography, because for several decades now this beautiful white island has been one of the world’s electronic music's capitals. This puts Ibiza at the heart of an industry that moves millions of people every year. Artists like David GuettaMartin Garrix, Steve Aoki or Kygo attract hundreds of thousands of clubbers from all over the world each season -loyal followers of a sound, an atmosphere and a style that can only be found right here on the island. For years now, the stages and dancefloors of Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel and Hï Ibiza have been hanging up the ‘Sold Out’ sign every single summer night. 

Adlib, our own fashion

No description of the Ibizan identity would be complete without reference to the island’s very own Adlib fashion, a unique style with over fifty years of history, which is embraced by celebrities and models from every corner of the world. Adlib fashion takes its inspiration from the traditional garments of the local Ibizans. Straw hats, espadrilles and intricate hand-embroidered shawls have evolved to create a modern style. New designs wow on the catwalk every year and grace the streets of Ibiza in their purest forms. Locals and tourists alike show off their unique combinations with a natural flair that forms part of the island’s DNA.

When the hippie movement reached Ibiza in the early seventies, the hippies fell madly in love with the Pityusic way of dress, inspiring delicate garments made from natural materials and elaborate handcrafting. With the influence of artists from all over the world, the traditional costume evolved into dreamy garments, predominantly white in colour and made from lightweight fabric. The Latin expression ‘ad libitum’ means freedom and lends its name to one of the most famous styles in the fashion world.

The hippy spirit brought Ibizan fashion to the centre of the industry. So, where is Ibiza now? Once again, she is at the centre of everything. So, either because of her beaches, her music events with the world’s best DJs, her fashion and an endless list of other stunning features, like the drool-worthy gastronomy, the year-round sunny, tepid climate,… no matter how you look at it, the White Isle of Ibiza is in a privileged location: it’s the spot in the Mediterranean Sea where we get to live the most memorable moments of our lives. 

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