The Gates of Cala Llentia: A magical place to visit in Ibiza.

If during your stay in the Pitiusas you don't know where to go and what to visit in Ibiza, don't even think about leaving the island without first taking a stroll around Cala Llentia. The Gates of Cala Llentia are a real part of the authentic and natural Ibiza few ever get to experience fully. Situated in the countryside, it´s a perfect place to explore and decompress in nature. Feel the magic of this natural environment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea! 

Art meets architecture in an unconventional way

Two large doors facing each other, made of wood and framed with beautiful Arabic engravings, represent a small square room with missing walls, a somewhat curious work of art found walking between the beaches of Cala Codolar and Cala Llentia. This monument is known as Las Puertas de Can Soleil because it is located on the property of Guy Laliberté, known for being the founder of Cirque du Soleil. 

The Doors of Can Soleil show different engravings and Arab motifs among which is a jamsa, also known as the hand of Fatima. It is a common element in Muslim and Sephardic Jewish cultures. As an amulet, the hand of Fatima was used by the Carthaginians from 820 B.C. and in North Africa, it was associated with an attribute of the goddess Tanit, the Goddess of Ibiza.

The space that can be accessed is limited only by a low stone wall, built on a mosaic floor of sand, stones, and tiles.

Don´t forget to stop by, the view from the gates of the Mediterranean Sea is nothing short of breathtaking.

From the Ibizan sunset to Instagram

With the doors open to the horizon and from the right angle, you can admire Es Vedrà in the distance. A beautiful panoramic view and a real attraction for tourists and amateur photographers who see in this place a perfect frame for their snapshots. Without a doubt, an insta-worthy destination for nature lovers. The secret of its beauty is the strong impression it leaves, the way it becomes a part of the scenery in such an enigmatic way. 

More to discover in Ibiza

Of unknown author, The Gates of Cala Llentia, are a work of magnetic, extraordinary and mysterious art. But it is not the only admirable piece in the area. In its vicinity, you can find more treasures to visit in Ibiza, the monolith of Ibiza is another art manifestation commissioned by Mr. Laliberté. 


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