Cala Salada, clear turquoise waters in Ibiza.

Ibiza and Formentera are internationally renowned for their beaches and coves, a fundamental part of the rich entertainment offered by the Balearic Islands. Tourists know how to choose their beach destinations, and they always find the best in these Mediterranean islands!  

Ibiza is home to incredible and magical landscapes, such as Cala Salada, only 4 km from Sant Antoni de Portmany, the second most populated urban area on the island. It is a sand and gravel beach, around 100 metres long, surrounded by an amazing green area and mountains. What wins most visitors’ hearts is its intense turquoise blue waters. The tones that the Posidonia provides makes this an extraordinary place! Leading on from Cala Salada is Cala Saladeta. It’s only access is a short, easy track, suitable for anybody to walk along. At the end of the path, its beautiful fine sand and clear water will captivate you. This is unadulterated nature! 

In the case of Formentera, the Ses Illetes beach is one of the main tourist attractions, due to being a protected Natural Park and one of the beaches known for being in TripAdvisor’s top 10 best beaches in the world every year.  Cala Salada, Cala Saladeta and Ses Illetes are only three of the many romantic coves and beaches on the island. But Ibiza has much more to offer... Have you discovered any of the many secret coves hidden along the island’s coast? These mysteries are kept secret by the select few that have thrown caution to the wind and have discovered the island without following a planned route and have found natural paradises such as Cala Saladeta. At Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel we can tell you some secrets! Ask any of our staff at the hotel reception and the concierge service at The Ushuaïa Experience. As well as tips for your route to be as fascinating as possible, we will tell you privileged information known only by the most VIP visitors. 

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