What types of birds can you find in Ibiza, besides the Ushuaïa Ibiza hummingbird?

The red hummingbird of the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel is the most well-known bird on the island and the EDM world. Small and nimble, the hummingbird moves its wings 100 times per second, and even more curious, it´s the only bird known to be able to fly backwards. It can also fly, without a break, 500 miles. An impressive feat for such a small creature. The unique and impressive characteristics have made the hummingbird the symbol of the most famous open-air club in the world. Coupled with the red colour that visually symbolizes Ushuaïa Ibiza, this little bird manages to fly around the world in more than one way, as a representative of The Ushuaïa Experience philosophy.

But Ibiza has even more to offer, there are various birds that are a part of the island´s ecosystem. With each migratory cycle, the island becomes the host of an amazing display of life. The Ses Salines national park is the preferred stop of many varieties of birds each year. The chance to see pink flamingos and herons doesn´t come around too often. So next time you visit Ibiza, keep your eyes open and see if you can spot any of the types of birds listed below.

The European Storm Petrel

This small bird, similar in size to a sparrow, flies fast and in an erratic pattern, close to the waterline following the waves. This species is quite vulnerable, especially when it comes to its biggest threats, rats and cats.

The Pink Flamingo

The slenderest bird in the Ibizan marshes, it measures between 80 cm and 1.4 meters and stands out for its long legs and neck. Its pink colour is due to its diet of crustaceans and algae. Like you, the flamingo comes to Ibiza in the summer and leaves in the winter. Summer is just around the corner, come see this majestic bird and have fun at the Odyssey Opening Party in Ushuaïa Ibiza, all in one trip!

The Kingfisher

This beautiful turquoise bluebird, with yellow plumage metallic green specks all over the plumage, is a fishing champion. That's why she has a long beak, between 15 and 19 centimeters. With it, he manages to catch small fish he astutely locates from the branches of nearby bushes. Nothing escapes his keen eye!

The Common Moorhen

This friendly marsh hen is pretty easy to spot, with its dark plumage and yellow legs, its song is a penetrating and unmistakable “trolling”. The great author and journalist Josep Pla used to admire them on his walks around ses feixes in Ibiza, in the 1950s. These birds are part of the landscape and cultural history of the island.

Black-headed gull

The black-headed gull is one of the most well-known coastal birds, cheeky and on the lookout for food, which does not hesitate to steal if it comes within range. However, it is also a wonder of nature, for its lightweight body and the gracefulness of its flight. With a dark brown hood, this small, white bird is easy to spot, so keep a lookout for this hunter of opportunities.

Kentish Plover

SEO Birdlife has chosen this bird as the bird of the year due to its status as a coastal bird, those that live in the shorelines or mudbanks. Small, brown in colour and with reddish plumage at the nape of its neck, its habitat is threatened by mass tourism, uncontrolled construction and the so-called "trash nature". So, make sure to pick after yourself whenever you´re going to the beach to help protect its habitat.

This summer keep an eye out for the most famous bird on the island, the Ushuaïa Ibiza hummingbird and take some time to relax and see if you can spot any of the six types of birds native to Ibiza. 

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