10 unusual facts about Ibiza that will surprise you.

The island of Ibiza is known worldwide for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water coves. Also, for being the primary source of EDM, having the world's most famous residents and organizing unique events and parties for its nightlife. Adlib fashion and the influence of hippie values have also crossed borders and are recognized everywhere... 

Are there things about the White Isle that even the most knowledgeable doesn´t know? In this article, we´ll reveal 10 unusual facts about Ibiza that will surprise you. So, read carefully and fill up on interesting information that you can wow with at your next dinner with friends. 

Portinatx cove in Ibiza.



The only plane crash in Ibiza occurred on 7 January 1972, when a plane departing from Valencia for Ibiza airport crashed into a slope at the highest point on the island, Sa Talaia. All six crew members and 98 passengers died.


The resident population of Ibiza is around 142,000 residents and increases to more than 1.5 million during the summer thanks to tourists. More than three million tourists visited Ibiza in 2018.


The oldest hotel on the island is the Gran Hotel Montesol in Vara de Rey, in the city of Ibiza, which was inaugurated in 1933. During the Spanish Civil War the hotel was used as a military base.


The estuary of the only river in the Balearic Islands is in Santa Eulalia. The river runs for about 15 km, although most of the summer it is dry due to the heat, so the best place to spot it is precisely Santa Eulalia.


Ibiza is not actually an island. Billions of years ago the Mediterranean basin was flooded by the Atlantic Ocean, creating the Mediterranean Sea. The islands that we think we see are the mountains that appear on the surface of the sea.


The most characteristic features of the Ibizan landscape are the knotty branches of the ancient olive trees, some of which are believed to be up to two thousand years old.


Ibiza was ravaged by pirates for hundreds of years, but it has no bad or bloody memories. This island is the only place in the world where sea raiders are honoured; in 1915 an obelisk was erected in the port of Ibiza in their memory.


Es Vedrà, the mysterious rock that rises 2 km from the east coast of Ibiza, appeared in the musical, South Pacific. It was used to represent the famous volcanic island, Bali Hai.


Film director Orson Welles was one of Ibiza's famous residents; he included footage from the White Isle in his motion picture “F for Fake”.


DJs travel long distances to visit the island. Sven Väth hitchhiked to the island from Barcelona and spent three months sleeping on its beaches. And when Carl Cox arrived, he had to sleep for two days in a Fiat Panda with his girlfriend and sister.

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