The most beautiful beaches of Ibiza with your Smart Ushuaïa Limited Edition.

We have already introduced the new edition of Smart Ushuaïa Limited Edition 2018 in our previous post, where you can find out about one of the most sought-after and environmentally-friendly cars in the world.

The 63-km route takes around two hours in total. When you leave Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, you can make 8 stops and get to know:

Sa Caleta. Currently a haven for many of the island’s residents, it is a beach far away from the masses of umbrellas and deck chairs. Blue sea, white sand and a steep cliff behind you. Access is not always easy, but there is a lovely promenade as well.

Cala d’Hort. Without a doubt one of the most iconic corners of the island, with an incredible view of the islet of Es Vedrà, it is one of the most visited and photographed areas of Ibiza. Many consider this an area charged with energy where you can feel the magical atmosphere of the island.

Cala Carbó. It is a small beach where you can listen to the sounds of the sea in peace. In general, the water here is muddier than other coves due to the presence of algae and pebbles.

Cala Vadella. This beach spans 260 metres and boasts easy access and all the services required to enjoy this beautiful cove surrounded by nature.

Cala Tarida. Like Cala Vadella, this is a long beach with many bars and restaurants. It is also easily accessible and has several car parks.

Cala Conta. Without a doubt, this is the picture-perfect postcard of Ibiza, made up of several areas, including a nudist area; there are two main coves, Cala Conta and Racó d’en Xic. Aquamarine water and white sand make this the ideal spot to see some of the most spectacular sunsets in the whole island.

Cala Bassa. Another quintessential beach and a favourite among visitors to the island. Surrounded by a dense pine forest, it offers a natural setting and bathing area with little to no waves since it is quite protected. With a paying car park and a leisure and restaurant area.

Sant Antoni de Portmany. Also know as Playa de S’Arenal, it is not particularly pretty and the quality of the water is not the best due to its proximity to the port, but it is well know for its easy access, both by public and private transport.

Enjoy the Ushuaïa Experience with the best selection of restaurants and leisure, and get to know the most remote corners of one of the most desirable islands in the world, with your Smart Ushuaïa Limited Edition 2018. Ask everything you need to know at The Ushuaïa Experience,The Ushuaïa Club reception and The Ushuaïa Tower.

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