Now you can travel without leaving your home with Palladium TV!

The Palladium Hotel Group wants us to continue to travel to their destinations, wherever we are right now. But how do we do that? By using our imagination... or watching it on one of our screens! With that goal in mind, Palladium TV has just been launched, a television channel that is already broadcasting through the group's official channel on Youtube and on the company website.

The project was born to be broadcast exclusively on televisions in all rooms and suites of the 48 hotels that Palladium Hotel Group has in Spain, Italy, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Jamaica. However, the group has decided to make it available to everyone so that those who cannot travel right now, can get inspired and start planning their adventures with family and friends.

If you can watch it, you can live it!

Palladium TV is available in English and Spanish, and the audiovisual content that will be broadcast presents, in a fun and very original way, what life is like inside the Palladium Hotel Group hotels, but also the environments and areas in which they are located. Can you imagine snorkelling in the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean or drinking a frozen margarita on a beach in Cancun? If you can watch it, you can live it!

The contents have been planned with the likes and dislikes of customers and fans of the hotel chain in mind. When we plan our holidays or getaways, we usually look for some information about possible destinations and hotels. What kind of indoor and outdoor activities can we do? What are the rooms like? Are we looking for an accommodation option where the staff is fun and actively participates in our experience or maybe we prefer something quieter and more private? Fun and activities, or relaxation and style? There are so many questions we ask ourselves... And the children, what is the best option for them? We also can´t forget about the local culture and its people, the unique gastronomic offer. All the answers to your questions, and so much more, curated and available on the different programs on Palladium TV.

Find your favourite program

Whether you are travelling with your family and children or with your partner, whether you are young or old, or even if you will be alone during your stay, there is a show for you! If you want to get to know the essence of the destinations, their culture and the local cuisine, pay attention to Palladium Globe-Trotters, a show that will discover the most iconic corners, beaches and routes of each destination by the hand of expert local collaborators. And in the Documentary Series, you will be able to enjoy current affairs reports, on topics such as social responsibility or the environment.

The youngest members of the family will have their own programs: Palladium Kids and Palladium Teens, in which children and teenagers will be in charge of talking about their experience in the hotel facilities. And in order to get to know the Palladium team better, Our Cast will be the place where the collaborators of the Palladium Hotel Group will tell us their personal stories from different parts of the world.

With Palladium TV, the hotel chain wants the current traveller to be well informed about the offers and destinations. Staying in a hotel is much more than booking a bed to sleep in while away from home. Those who are looking for experiences, fun, exclusivity, excellent customer service and, of course, an unforgettable stay, will surely find in Palladium TV an original way to research and prepare their holidays.

Start daydreaming and plan the best days of your life from home. Check out Palladium TV and let your imagination run riot. And remember, if you can watch it, you can live it!

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